Why Moms Have A Post Pregnancy Tummy Tuck

This post was sponsored by the Sono Bello. All opinions are my own.

I decided to have a tummy tuck after having a baby as a gift to myself.  After having five miscarriages within two years then giving birth, I struggled with how my body looked.  One of the greatest gifts that I’ve received is the gift of motherhood, but it came with a price.  

My Tummy Tuck – A Gift to Myself

I truly thought that I would bounce back and get into my size 6/8 jeans in a few short months after having my baby.  However, after being on bedrest for 8 full months, having to eat every two hours to avoid getting sick, and having gestational diabetes I experienced a tremendous amount weight gain.   Not to mention due to my elevated blood pressure I was forced to have a cesarean.  

The cesarean was not only painful, it was damaging to my stomach.  There was no amount of exercise or diet that allowed me to get rid of the sagging pouch of skin.  Several friends suggested a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin that followed my pregnancy.  It took me ten years to muster up the courage, but I am so glad I gifted myself a tummy tuck.


Prior to my procedure I heard so many testimonials.  Some were scary and others inspiring.  Honestly, I was nervous but determined to re-gain my pre-pregnancy figure.  It was not so much just about my size; I just wanted the skin hanging from my belly to be gone.  The procedure was like my cesarean with a less painful recovery.    

There are several options for cosmetic surgery.  You can select a doctor based on a referral, or you can look into a place like Sono Bello.  Sono Bello is a national leader in laser liposuction and body contouring. In just over a decade, Sono Bello has grown into an industry leader with 60+ locations spanning across the United States.


You can opt to have a minimally invasive procedure, or a full mommy makeover.  The pricing is flexible depending on your needs.  I planned my procedure around my bonus.  I knew what I wanted and how much it would cost.  My bonus covered it all.  

If you are considering body contouring or other cosmetic surgeries, I recommend you looking into Sono Bello.  A tummy tuck was one of the best gifts that I have given to myself.  I am so happy I made the investment!




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  1. First off…. love your story and just like you my good friend did the same. I am really considering it for myself as I too have had 2 C-sections and have the same issues as you. Your before and afters….stunning at the difference and you look amazing!

  2. I have considered a tummy tuck for years, and even after seeing a number on the scale that has not appeared since high school, I still have a bit of loose skin in that area. I’m glad you made the plunge!

  3. My stomach looks pretty much the same as your before. I have been thinking about getting a tuck but always chicken out!

  4. Way to go momma! I just had a long awaited tummy tuck 4 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. After 5 babies and a twin pregnancy this tummy needed it. You look great!

  5. Oh I know. Not only for post pregnancy, I think this is great for people who lost huge weight too. It’s hard to ignore losen tummy skin.

  6. Awesome info, I was just talking to my husband last night about getting my old implants out and while I was under having my tummy fixed. I have to check out Sono Bello and see if they could fix my droopy arms too.

  7. I know that when I lose weight I’m going to have sagging skin. I haven’t considered a tummy tuck but I can see where it would help with self-image.

  8. Thank you for Sharing your story! We’ve decided as a society that body shaming is not OK when you talk about people being overweight and even underweight. Unfortunately we still seem to shame people for wanting to take more aggressive measures to address their own body image concerns. It’s wonderful of you to try to make this OK for other women because it should be. It’s such a personal choice!

  9. That is one of the hard things of being a mother. Glad we have solutions to this. Love its results to your body.

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