Self Care Tips For New Moms

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Being a new mother is incredibly stressful especially during this pandemic. Not only are you responsible for a life you’re expected to do it with no sleep. Not to mention keeping them safe from an international virus and keeping up with your daily life too. It can quickly become overwhelming and wear you down. This is when self-care comes to the rescue. It’s unlikely that a new mom is going to be able to go to the spa anytime soon, but there are little things you can get the new moms in your life to help with their self-care.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Having gentle relaxing scents filter through your house can be incredibly relaxing. Especially when your sense of smell has been assaulted by the smell of the hospital, dirty diapers, baby wipes…the list goes on. Buy them scents like lavender, spearmint, ylang-ylang, and chamomile. A lot of essential oil companies will also have their own calming blend.


Journal and Pen

Writing is a wonderful form of release for a new mom. She can jot down a few sentences when she’s overwrought but has a million things on her to do list. It’s also a great time for her to reflect on her life and the life of the new baby she’s brought into the world. A journal can do a million different things and is a great form of therapy that doesn’t cost very much.


Bump Box

Bump Boxes are a subscription service for expecting mothers as well as those with newborns. In fact, they even have a new mom gift box. They come with practical items that mothers might not have thought of like comfy socks and skin care products special for new moms.


Sleepy Tea

When a new mom finally gets time to sleep it doesn’t always come easy. There’s the fear that any noise will wake up the baby, that point where you move beyond exhaustion and no matter how hard you try sleep doesn’t come easy. A good sleepy time tea will help new mothers get to sleep quickly and easily without the risk of medications or anything harmful making its way to her breastmilk. Getting enough sleep is so important to self-care!


Face Masks

Replicate the spa experience at home with a nice face mask kit. A face mask is a great option because they’re quick and easy to apply and you aren’t rendered immobile by them. So if attention is needed somewhere, the new mom can get up and take care of it in an instant. If you want you can get other spa experiences at home too, who is ever going to say no to at home spa treatments?


A Baby Free Hour

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give a new mom is baby-free time. Arrange an hour or two…or more where you come in and take charge of the baby. This might mean staying at home while new mom goes out or it might mean you taking the new baby out. Make sure you’ve got enough bottles on hand to see them through and give mom a break! Even just an hour to refresh and have some me time will leave her feeling so much better.


Are you a new mom or know one? Please share this information and add any additional comments on how new moms can practice self care.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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