My Takeaways From The Lego Movie 2

The long-awaited sequel to one of the best-animated movies from 2014, The Lego Movie 2 is now showing in movies. It brings back beloved characters Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Benny, and others from the first movie and continues a few years after the last film. But how does it compare to the first movie which was loved by young and old alike? Let’s dive into a spoiler-free review of The Lego Movie 2.

Despite the fact that the writers and directors from the first Lego Movie also produced and wrote this one, the second fails to live up to the charm of the first. Instead, they go for a movie that is targeted more for a younger audience and lacks the little touches that made the first movie so fun for grownups.


But, while it may lack in some areas that the first movie and nailed perfectly it shines in all new areas. To start with female characters take a more prominent role. Lego has for a long time fought with the stereotype that it is a boy’s toy. In The Lego Movie 2, they let femininity out in a way that isn’t preachy but is still incredibly empowering for young girls. Because it is completely ok for girls to play with Lego and they don’t have to be the bright pink ones that are branded for girls, but if they are, that’s ok too.


The Lego Movie 2


The movie also stresses the importance of creativity and imagination. So often with Legos, you’re taught to just follow the instructions. But Legos can also be a fantastic tool for stretching your imagination and using your creativity for something new. So while the first movie was all about the Master Builder being able to design and create this one encourages you to create whatever you want and let your imagination run wild.


The Lego Movie 2


Finally, woven throughout the movie is a lesson on communication and considering not only the words you use but how you use them. This is one of those lessons that you take in without ever realizing you were being taught a lesson. It’s expertly implemented and the perfect addition to Lego Movie 2.


The Lego Movie 2

Lego Movie 2 suffers only because it fails to meet the expectations set by the first movie. It’s still joke after joke, just aimed at a younger audience. Because it shines in so many other ways it’s impossible to say that the movie is bad, it just isn’t what a lot of people were looking for. Still, this is the fourth film in the Lego Movie franchise, a franchise that already has 2 more movies that have been announced.

It may not be the massive surprise hit that the first movie was. But anyone who thought it would be was only kidding themselves. It’s a delightful, fun movie that is great for younger kids that teaches some important lessons. Though it’s fun there are a lot bigger and better movies for the whole family on the horizon. Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts?



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  1. Oh no, we’re seeing this Sunday. We liked the first one so much because of the adult jokes. Then again, I am terribly immature, so this might still be the movie for me 😉

  2. It’s a shame that the second movie is not as good as the first, but usually this is what happens with sequels. I used to play with Lego as a child and really enjoyed it, so I don’t agree that people should see it as a boy’s toy.

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