How To Celebrate Women’s History Month With Self-Care

So often these days in a busy house the over worked, over stressed woman of the house – Mom, has her needs constantly pushed to the bottom of the to do list, which basically means it never gets done. As Mom’s needs keep getting pushed away for something else, she becomes more frazzled until eventually she just snaps. When Mom is unhappy, everyone is unhappy. It has a chain reaction throughout the entire house, which again just makes Mom more miserable.

But, there is a way to keep that stress away and keep Mom feeling happy. Little things that Mom can do to help her keep feeling great, or at least get her through a rough patch. This is the very definition of self-care. Doing little (or big) things for yourself that keep your mind, body, and spirit going so you can face another crazy day.

Here are just a few ideas for self-care for the busy mom.





Working out in whatever fashion you prefer for just 15 minutes can completely change your mood for the day. Find some great workout videos on Youtube for free that can help you out there.


Fuel Your Body

Be sure that you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet that isn’t filled with a lot of greasy heavy food. Some from time to time is fine, but lighter foods are sure to raise your spirits.


Make Sleep A Priority

Too often mothers put off sleep and end up running on empty. This is a mood killer and has a knock on effect in the rest of your life too. Make sure you get enough sleep!


Cross Something Off Your To-Do List

Sometimes the simple act of crossing something off your to-do list is enough to give you a big emotional boost. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and a morale boost. So make a list of things you’d like to do, do one of the things on the list and actually check it off.



If your life is too busy and too crazy it is ok to turn off the TV, walk away from your phone, and just get away from the world. News just adds more stress, often about things you can’t control. So if you feel your stress climbing, walk away.


Do Something Creative with Your Kids

Sometimes when you really should be cleaning the kitchen but it’s too much to face you should sit down and do crafts with your kids. Doing something creative will give you a more positive outlook and make it a little easier to face the kitchen when you’ve finished.


Get Some Fresh Air

If you’ve been stuck inside all day and you just need some time to calm down wait until the kids are occupied with something that won’t get them into trouble and step outside. Leave the door open so you can hear them if the start causing trouble. Fresh air is such an amazing way to clear your mind that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


These are just a few ideas on little acts of self-care moms can do all month to celebrate Women’s History Month. If you have a bit more time try going somewhere new, your brain likes new things, even if they’re new things nearby. Try a new hairstyle, or go window shopping too. Finally, if it seems like all of that is just impossible right now schedule some self-care time and make sure it happens.



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