The Importance Of Having Hope

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When times get tough the most powerful tool you have is hope. That trust you have, even in the darkest of times that everything will turn out ok. In fact, hope is more powerful than you could have imagined. It has been proven that the impact it has on you goes beyond your emotional state, marking every part of your life.


Heals Injuries

Having hope when you’re recovering from an injury can actually help that injury heal faster. Yes, hope will help your body heal. Studies have shown that when you have hope your body is better able to heal itself. Whereas if you harbor negative thoughts and think things like “I’ll never get better” the healing process actually slows down. A lack of hope will also make you feel pain more strongly, because certain endorphins that should be released aren’t. Those endorphins act like a kind of natural morphine that your body creates, making the pain feel less severe.


Improves Creativity

A study done by the University College Utrecht found that people who had more hopeful thoughts were more creative than those who didn’t. Not only did they have more ideas, those ideas were more detailed than those from the other group. So, if you feel hopeless and allow negative thoughts to creep in it will be harder for you to think creatively about how to get out of situations. But, when you’re filled with hope…well, anything seems possible, doesn’t it?


Manage Stress and Anxiety

Having hope can help you manage stress and anxiety. In fact, some studies suggest that having hope can go a long ways towards curing some anxiety disorders. More studies need to be done to confirm this link and find out more about how it works. But, it seems that it is source of resiliency and that as a person’s hope increases there are noticeable impacts on their anxiety levels.


Helps Us Keep Going

Finally, hope helps us keep going. When times get tough it is that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the reassurance that things will be ok that makes it a little easier to get through the difficult times. It plays an important part in our mental wellbeing and our happiness. With hope we are able to foster positive emotions which continues to help make it easier to get through difficult times.


While hope is vital to our mental health, and even has an impact on our physical health, it is easily misused. It isn’t delusional, it isn’t ignoring your bank balance and “hoping everything will be ok.” It takes work and requires that you acknowledge the situation you’re in. It is the fuel for your creativity and, if you let it hope will help you find a way out of your situation, if you use it properly. So, while it is easier said than done…have a little hope, everything will be ok.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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  1. Hope, especially at a time like this, is so important. Without it, we’d go mad in the current climate. You’re 100% correct in saying that it impacts both our mental and physical health.

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