Fun Fall Activities To Do With Kids

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I can hardly believe Fall is upon us once more. The time of year that is filled with tantrums, bored kids, and a longing for the days of summer. It’s something we all go through every year, but there are ways to make it a little bit better. Keeping your kids occupied with fun Fall activities is one of the best ways to make the season, especially this season. I’ve put together a few ideas to help you get started.


Explore a Corn Maze

Over the past few decades, corn mazes have become a massive autumn institution all across the United States. Corn mazes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different audiences in mind. Some are meant for kids while some of the haunted ones…well…the kids should stay home for that. Chances are that unless you’re reading this from Alaska or Hawaii then there is a corn maze near you, corn is a fairly hearty vegetable that grows in most of the US. A quick Google search will help you find a maze near you.


Make a Scarecrow

With some straw and some old clothes that don’t fit anymore, you can make yourself a family of scarecrows. You can make a few to sit out in your front porch or on your lawn. It’s a fun activity for the whole family as well as being a cheap way to decorate for Fall. You could even turn it into a bit of an Elf on the Shelf activity where the scarecrows move and do something different every night. A bale of straw from your local craft store should cost around $15.


Going for a Hike

Fall is possibly the best time to go for a hike.  It’s certainly a favorite for kids thanks to all the leaves there are to crunch. While adults get to enjoy the gorgeous autumnal colors. Find a spot in your area that’s good to see autumn leaves, then wrap up and head out for an adventure. It’s a great way to combat cabin fever which often sets in during the Fall.  You know when kids are mostly inside but still have all the energy and desire to be outside.


Apple Picking

Going out apple picking is an activity the whole family will love. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun and allows you to spend quality time with your kids. Now, it’s unlikely that you’ll have abandoned hundred-year-old apple orchards near your home.  But chances are that you will be able to find a nearby farm that does a pick your own apples type of thing. Not only will everyone have a blast, kids will also get the opportunity to see where their food comes from and how much work goes into getting it. Then at the end, you’ve got tasty apples, a win for all.


Learn to Bake

Fall is the perfect time for kids to learn to bake. They’ve got lots of energy they need to release and the weather isn’t all that great so they’re stuck inside. It’s a fantastic alternative to playing games all day. If your child is old enough to stand on their own, they’re old enough to bake, or at least help. Not only will they have fun, they’ll learn an important life skill and have a tasty treat to show for their efforts. I recommend once a month having a baking session where you bake bread, cookies, and whatever else your child desires.


Do you have any Fall activities planned?  Are you following any traditions?  I know my son is tired of being in the house so much, so I am looking forward to enjoying some of these fun Fall activities.  I hope you and your family does too.  Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments and share this with a friend.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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