My Favorite Fun Christmas Eve Traditions

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New traditions are being added to Christmas and Christmas Eve every year thanks to the internet and exposure of different traditions around the world. Plus it’s just fun to try out new things with your kids. I’ve put together a list of new Christmas Eve traditions your family will love.


Pajama Gift Giving

The tradition of opening a gift on Christmas Eve has been around for a very long time but who the gift is from and what it is changes all the time. Sometimes it’s a gift from the Grandparents, other times it’s a book. These days though it’s popular to give a new set of pajamas to the kids on Christmas Eve. You might get them to match or you can go with something that fits their personality. Either way, now the kids have something new to wear the next morning while they open presents.


Hot Chocolate and Christmas Stories

Whip up some hot chocolate and make it fancy with whip cream, sprinkles…everything you’d expect to get at Starbucks. Then get a book of Christmas stories to read out loud as a family. You can even take turns reading as the night continues.


Candlelight Gospel

Ok, going to a late-night service on Christmas Eve isn’t anything new at all but it’s so much fun I had to put it on this list. I know we are in COVID, but some churches are limiting the number of people at once. You can find church services being held in candlelight or even in Latin. If the church you normally attend doesn’t have a lot of singing or it isn’t holding a late service then try to find a different church that is what you’re looking for. There’s something so special about singing Christmas songs in church.


Waffle House with the Family

For many people heading to Waffle House for Christmas Eve dinner is a yearly tradition. But who says it has to be a Waffle House? Any restaurant will do, though there’s something special about diners and being able to get breakfast for dinner. You may consider ordering for pick-up this year.  Be sure to leave a bigger tip than usual for your waiter as a thank you and a little injection of Christmas cheer.


Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box seems to be the new big trend for Christmas this year. It’s a cute little box with a “survival kit” for the night. Typically it includes an age-appropriate Christmas themed book, new PJs, and Snowman Soup, aka powdered hot chocolate with marshmallows. But, think of it as an Easter basket for the night before Christmas.



Christmas Eve is a fantastic time to volunteer your time. You might contact your local soup kitchen and see if they need extra hands. But, my favorite is dressing the kids up and taking them to local elderly nursing homes. Residents there don’t often get visitors on Christmas Eve and this is one way to bring in some Christmas spirit for them while also teaching valuable lessons to your children. Be sure to call in advance to make sure guests are welcome and arrange a time for your family to go in.

Family Photoshoot

You may have already done your posing by the Christmas tree picture for your yearly Christmas card but you shouldn’t put the camera away just yet. This is a great time to capture beautiful pictures of your family. My favorite is capturing the wonder in your children’s eyes one by one as they stare longingly at one of their presents under the tree lit only by the lights from the tree.

Having a fun Christmas starts with your Christmas Eve traditions.  I love our traditions and adopting fun things every year.  Happy Holidays to you all!


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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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