Jim Dear And Elliott The Dog Catcher Of Lady And The Tramp

One of the many benefits of attending the set tour as press for Disney was meeting the Jim Dear (Thomas Mann), and Elliott the Dog Catcher (Adrian Martinez). I mean, it was a true blessing to tour the set, watch scenes, and meet the dogs of this classic movie “Lady and the Tramp”. And I met Jim Dear guys! LOL!!


photo credit: Disney+ “Lady and the Tramp”


Three Things I learned About Thomas Mann’s (Jim Dear) Experience

1.He was able to give more life to his character and show more of who Jim Dear was as a person.

The world is much bigger than in the 1955 animated version. It allows me and Kiersey specifically to flesh out our characters more than they were. You catch little glimpses of them in the animated version. But you don’t really get to know who they are as people. And this one, you get better sense of who they are, and you get a better sense of their personalities.

2. This character was so different, it gave him and opportunity to play the role of an adult.

I’m transitioning out and playing someone’s son, or college student or high school student. I am upgrading into more adult roles. And I get to wear a wedding ring. I’m playing a father. A new father, a young father, but still a father. That’s really exciting!”

3. His biggest challenge was not really a challenge at all, except for patience of course.

My biggest challenge, I don’t know! It’s been such a lighthearted, easy going set that nothing’s been too hard! I guess just the patience of…well, dogs and babies. Kiersey is holding them. And I just got look at them and say hi! And if they start crying, then I walk away. I guess the hardest part is that you have to be a little more patient. Is like you’re working with non-actors. But other than that, I have no complaints.


photo credit: Disney+ “Lady and the Tramp”


Three Things I Learned About Adrian Martinez’ (Elliott the Dog Catcher) Experience

1.This was Adrian’s first time working with animals.

Well I love Monty who plays Trump and Rose who plays Lady, these dogs are the real deal. They were like strays and you know, so- but it’s very interesting because like you work with the dog and they have the handler just off camera. They took me to a kennel to work with the dogs so that they know I’m an actor, I’m not just the bad guy. He was like licking my face trying to get on my good side. The trainer, not the dog. It was great, it was great, just a wonderful experience working. My first time working with animals, so it was really cool.

2. He loved Savannah, Georgia!

It’s the ultimate city for this movie, it’s so perfect. Because it’s so quiet and chill here. You really feel like it’s nineteen ten and some of the production design. Like we filmed in Wright Square and they set it up like it’s the scene where you- they introduce my character to the movie. The whole block was totally cool like nineteen ten store fronts and everything.

3. He can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Director, Charlie Bean.

Yeah everything you’ve heard is true. He’s a cool guy he’s a cool guy. And I like him because for an actor, the most important thing is that you feel safe, to take chances, to be yourself, to relax and do the work because it’s hard. Charlie gives you that. I ain’t got nothing but praise for him.”



I am always encouraged and impressed when I meet an actor and who they really are is so much better than any character they’ve ever played. That’s exactly how I felt about both Thomas and Adrian. They both gave me such warm and fuzzies when they talked about “Lady and the Tramp.” When Thomas described his favorite part of the movie saying “I really love every time I think about it the beginning, the opening shot. It zooms in on a big beautiful, snowy village with all the steeples and the twinkly lights. And then it zooms in on the house, and you go inside the house, and it’s Christmas. That’s the feeling that I associate with Lady and the Tramp.” I saw it as he said it, and the look on his face was so sincere.


photo credit: Disney+ “Lady and the Tramp”

I’m telling you, please save the date and watch the “Lady and the Tramp” premiere, streaming only on Disney+ on November 12th. If you don’t want to take my word, take Adrian’s advice on the movie “I flipped out it was so cool, I mean it’s Disney. I’m telling you it’s Disney. Lady and the Tramp, Elliott, the Dog, I mean everything, I was like oh my god this is huge.”




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