Born in China Disney Nature In Theaters April 21st - Celebrate Earth Day

New Disney Movie Releases: Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

There were so many amazing experiences during my first Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (#DisneySMMC).  The event invite was truly a dream come true for me.  One of my favorite components of DisneySMMC was hearing from the producers and directors of the upcoming new Disney movie releases.
We were given an opportunity to see several advanced movie clips and screenings. I know, they spoiled us rotten!  But I am so glad they gave us an opportunity to see these amazing movies and hear from the talent behind the creation, production, and manifestation of these wonderful works of art.
Although it’s not the first movie to be released of those that I will highlight in this post, I want to start with Disney Nature’s “Born in China.”  I am so glad that we had an opportunity to see an advanced screening of “Born in China” – it’s a great real life adventure film.  We had an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of the Academy Award winning producer Roy Conli.  He shared in depth about the amount of time it took to capture the wilds of China and documenting intimate moments of three animal families. 

Born in China Disney Nature In Theaters April 21st - Celebrate Earth Day

The film is absolutely amazing, and the best part for me was the fact that on opening week (April 21-27, 2017) the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund will make a contribution to World Wildlife Fund.  As an advocate for nonprofit organizations and social causes, this made my heart smile.  The donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will help protect wild panda populations and establish new conservation programs for snow leopards in China.  WWF is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species, with a mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. 

Moms, I’m telling you…you definitely want to take your children to see “Born in China” and why not do it during opening week?  Now that’s not until April, but let me tell you about a movie that you want to see in March.

We had an opportunity to see an eight-minute clip of one of the most romantic fairy tales ever, Beauty and the Beast.  This must-see film about a beautiful girl and an unusual looking prince is certain to inspire you. Grab your friends and their children and hit the theaters on March 17, 2017.

If you and your family are marvel fans, then you certainly don’t want to miss “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2”, as this superhero team helps Peter Quill learn more about his parents. We got to see a clip of the movie, and you should go ahead and set your calendars for Friday, May 5, 2017 – meet me at the theater, I will bring the popcorn!

Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 - In theaters May 5th

Now I have to admit, my son was the biggest pirate in our family…until I saw a clip of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”  When this clip began, I was hooked in the first few minutes. Jack Sparrow is back and I can’t wait until Memorial Day, May 26, 2017 to see the whole movie.  We are going in costumes, eye patch and all.  Don’t miss it you all!!!

Pirates of The Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales - Captain Jack Sparrow

Last but certainly not the least of the films that are coming out during the first half of the year, I want to let you know that Lighting McQueen is returning to the big screen.  Yes, “Cars 3” will hit the theaters on June 16, 2017. Now, my family and I are HUGE Cars fans…I mean we LOVE McQueen. But you know what makes seeing “Cars 3” even more special? I’m glad you asked, it’s the amazing short that will run ahead of “Cars 3” called “Lou”.  It’s a six-minute short film directed by Dave Mullins, and it’s fantastic!

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Coming Summer 2017

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was filled with passionate people, fun adventures and amazing content for children and families.  You can keep up with the Disney Movies, by following along with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can keep up with Disney news on the Disney Parks Blog.  If you want to read up on other posts from Disney Social Media Mom attendees, you can search the #DisneySMMC hashtag on all social platforms.


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  1. I cannot wait for all these movies to come out! I’m waiting patiently for all, especially the Beauty and the Beast. LOVED the 8-minute clip we all got to see. What a tease! LOL

    1. The 8 minute clip was amazing…I did not want it to end. I think the movie will be great. I have to saw, the clip from Pirates of Caribbean was very good as well. It should be GREAT as well. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the full movie Lisa!!!

  2. I am so excited! We will go see all the movies and Cars 3 is coming out the day before Shaun’s birthday, that will be a birthday treat from him. He is a huge Cars fan.

    See you at the movies!

  3. I am so excited for all of these movies! There’s really nothing like a Disney movie to watch out for and this year, they just have a lot to offer the fans.

  4. Disney has a lot of great movies coming out this year. I’m excited for Beauty and The Beast, as well as the Born in China. I’ll will try to remember to go see it opening weekend to help support Disney’s donation to the WWF.

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