Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home This New Year

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If you are thinking of various ways to upgrade your home is for 2021, you’re in luck. Many of us are working from home during a global pandemic and needing a fresh start for this New Year as well. Not all projects are time-consuming or budget-friendly either but they will not only upgrade your home’s worth but it’s value too. Below are a few ideas to upgrade your home.



Paint is a Great Upgrade

Adding new paint to walls in your rooms is a huge and simple tip to make the room welcoming.  It’s inviting and can be done in a few hours or a day depending on the size of the room. If you aren’t sure which color to paint, always grab a few paint samples and place them side by side on one of the walls of the room you are wanting to paint. Look at your options both in the daytime and the nighttime to determine how the light will affect the look. Once you have made your decision, use painter’s tape to help guide you while you paint the walls.  It makes it easy, just peel off the tape to give you’re edging a clean look.



Upgrade by Decluttering

This is not only a way to upgrade your home but also help keep things functional with your family members. With kids staying home to learn virtually and parents attempting to work as well, you should only be kept in your home items and furniture that you are using. Take a trash bag and go room by room to throw out any unwanted clothing, food, or toys that are not being used. Donate or sell these items that you still have. With the other items that you now have, purchase bins, baskets, or other items to store your remaining toys, clothing, or food to make it easier to grab.


Have A Proper Deck Inspection

Even if you were the one to install your deck, get a professional check it out before you begin working on it yourself. The professionals make sure that all of the boards are properly sealed and not needing any extra TLC or repairs. If you are unsure who to call, there is a company called Brazilian Wood Depot. They are a trusted hardwood company that offers a variety of hardwood decks that are truly second to none. If you had questions about what type of hardwood would be good in your area, they have a variety of deck options to choose from.  The purpleheart decking  seems to be a homeowner favorite. They also can assist with picking a quality color that will make your home pop and stand out from neighbors.  Even choosing a quality and longevity deck that will stand year after year.


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Add Your Personal Touches

One way to help upgrade your home is to go with your personal touch or style. If you want to add more farmhouse touches to your home, check out your local Home Good Or Michaels. You may find deals on those types of decor items. If Bohemian or retro vibes are more your style, find fun and funky furniture to bring into your home, porch, or backyard area. Adding these personal touches are intriguing, exciting, and overall adds an overall feel to guests, neighbors, and family members.


Finish The Basement

While this one of the larger and more costly items to upgrade your home, it’s a huge improvement.  Not only does a finished basement give you more livable square footage that can be used as a family room.   It also can add a great return investment and can help sell your home faster should you choose to list it in the years to come.



In addition to several of these tips to upgrade your home, there are many more that aren’t mentioned. Some other ideas include adding crown molding, a statement wall to the back wall of your bed.  Increasing natural light in your home with bigger and larger windows, or saying goodbye to all the carpets in your home and just having hardwood floors. Whatever you choose to do to upgrade your home, take your time.  You want to do it right the first time, to save you time and money down the road.


Have a More than excellent day!

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