What I Learned About Culture From Pixar #Incredibles2Event

I had the pleasure of visiting and touring Pixar Animation Studios (yes, it was awesome) during a recent Disney press trip for INCREDIBLES 2 with 24 super bloggers. 


My excitement heightened as we drove through the gates and onto the grounds of a stellar work of art.  After getting off the bus, we all stopped traffic trying to get a picture of the Pixar sign above the entrance, it was epic.  We then raced to take photos in front of the Pixar light and ball before entering the building.



The building was very impressive.  I thorough enjoyed hearing the why behind Steve Job’s building design.  The idea of bringing the staff together as often as possible help create a happy and productive culture.  From the display of Oscars on the main floor to the themed hallways with Pixar’s latest creations of Coco and INCREDIBLES 2 on the second floor – it was spectacular.


Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar

Part of the tour took place at the Archives building.  We walked through the property passed the soccer field, swimming pool, outdoor grilling area, and basketball courts to get there and I was blown away at the thought of the employee wellbeing.


Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar

While walking from the Archives building with a few members of the Pixar team, I asked if the building, amenities, thoughtfulness, and culture impacted productivity?  They responded saying “absolutely, the culture enhances productivity.” 

Over the years I have worked for companies where the culture was less than desirable and heavily impacted productivity.  So, I noticed the small things like affording employees the flexibility to incorporate work-life balance while at work, enhanced their work product.  It’s clear that Pixar Animation Studios has the right idea.  They are producing some amazing movies, like the highly anticipated INCREDIBLES 2 coming to theaters on June 15th.


Looks like its going to be amazing right?  I know…I’ve seen about 38 minutes of it and I can honestly say it will exceed your expectations just as Pixar exceeded mine.  I was so inspired by the grounds, the building, business model, and especially the people.  It reminded me of the importance of considering others.  Making a difference is about considering others.  Whether you are creating films that allow us to dream of being SUPER or writing a blog explaining the lessons learned from that film – we consider our viewers and reader when doing so.

How are you considering others in your work and life?  I would love to hear from you about my visit to Pixar.  Please follow the INCREDIBLES 2 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also follow the 24 incredible bloggers using #Incredibles2Event.



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  1. I haven’t watched incredibles 2 yet since I am waiting for my son to be a bit interested but he is still not into watching animations and I still don’t get it.

  2. WOW! the pixar studio and grounds looks amazing! Im jealous you got to visit. I loved the original Incredibles movie, but my little guy is only 3 and is not interested in movies or TV at all. So looks like I’ll have to wait until he’s a bit older.

  3. Pixar always creates such wonderful movies and such a great family film. It would be so cool and fun to go to the studios.

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