Setting Your Home Office Up For Major Productivity

Everyone who has a home office can tell you that maintaining productivity isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are always distractions at home, whether it is the children or the pile of undone laundry calling out to you. That is why it is essential that we have an area in our homes to work from. Without your own office, you’re doomed to give the business half of your attention while your home gets half of your attention. You don’t have to choose between home and work, we just need to be sure that you’re able to give each of them their share of undivided attention. Once you’ve got your office in place, how do we set it up for major productivity? Read on to get these tips to be certain that you are getting the most out of your home office.

Ways To Create Home Office Productivity


Pick a sunny room


Clearly, you’re not always going to be in your office when the sun is shining, but if you are able to, select a room that gets a great deal of sunshine. Natural light boosts your mood, and it is amazing for photographs.That means when you’re in the office during the day, it’ll feel amazing to be in there. When you feel good about the space you work in, it naturally boosts your productivity.


Don’t let your room become the family hangout


Your office is your own territory, and it is your responsibility to protect it. Nobody is suggesting that you can’t have occasional family members in your space, but what you don’t want is for your office to become the new family room. Your office space is a place where you come to do your work, not to be distracted by the needs of your family. Be certain to set this boundary for your family just like you would if you were at a 9-5 job. Get yourself a do not disturb sign for when you’re absolutely not to be interrupted. They’ll get the hint.



Fill your room with your accomplishments


Sometimes we become unmotivated because we forget who we are. Why not be your own inspiration? Give yourself lots of space in your office to admire your accomplishments. Hang pictures of yourself doing wonderful things. Do you have awards or certificates? Put them up. You’re great and you need to be reminded of that sometimes. There is nowhere better to do that than in the office where you can get ready to do even more wonderful things.


Give yourself the gift of a great filing system


There is nothing worse than needing something in particular and not being able to find it. One of the most important gifts you can give yourself as a business owner is an excellent filing system. When you are able to access your materials at a moment’s notice, you’re saving time. Time is the one resource you can never get back as a business owner. Protect your time and your peace of mind by having a fantastic filing system, and you’re going to watch your productivity skyrocket.

Your office is like a kingdom that you’re ruling. Get in there and get it organized, and watch your business grow. Keep everyone out of your space, and inspire yourself by looking at your accomplishments. Productivity is going to flow naturally once you set yourself up for it!



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  1. I feel light having solid sunshine is keep to my productivity. I need to definitely work on my organization too.

  2. I love all these tips! I have a hard time procrastinating and I am working on it, I need to get my work area put together asap, I’m going to start by moving the kids Xbox out of the room so it’s no longer the kids’ hangout area too.

  3. These are all amazing stuff to remember. I am having a hard time working whenever there’s family members around me. Your suggestions are spot on!

  4. I love your options on how to make a room a working space!
    Now, I am working on making my new office filled with memorabilia, pictures, things that tell what I do and have accomplished.
    Thank you, sweetie!

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