The Busy Mom’s 7 Tips For Morning Beauty

In some alternate universe, you have all the time you need in the morning. The kids, spouses, and pets in your life all cooperate and make your life flow smoothly. In fact, they make your life easier. Your hair is never frizzy, and you don’t have to work out. You rise up off of your pillow looking like the perfection that you are. Wasn’t that nice? It’s a shame we don’t live in that world. But, not all hope is lost. I’ve put together these 7 tips for morning beauty that will help you keep feeling and looking great all day.


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Take a deep breath, sunshine, back to the real world. The world where the dog takes 45 minutes to find his favorite spot in the yard, the kids can’t find their bookbag, and your husband is asking you for the fifth time where his socks are. Your life is busy, girl. That’s no reason to look like you’ve been trampled by elephants. Here are some quick beauty tips so you don’t look like what you go through.

7 Tips for Morning Beauty

  1. BB Cream: This stuff is nectar from the gods that rains down into convenient little bottles for us. It is like your tinted moisturizer on steroids: you get all the goodies. Most formulas conceal, moisturize and leave you looking like you woke up fresh-faced instead of frazzled.
  2. Lip gloss: Find the perfect shade that looks natural; whether it is natural or plum pink goodness, you know what look you’ll use every day. Don’t be afraid to splurge here, this is a must-have item. You want it to give you good color payoff and last. Sometimes cheap formulas get gritty and separate and you don’t have time. You’ve gotta get the kids to practice.
  3. Eyeliner– Get that super tired dead look out of your eyes! Zombies belong on the walking dead, not in your minivan. Slap it on while you’re in the pickup line, leave it in your purse. If you love pencil, keep a sharpener in your bag along with your favorite kohl stick. If you’re a liquid girl, do yourself a favor and opt for the felt tip.
  4. Mascara – If you just pulled an all-nighter with the baby but want to look awake, this is your go to. Brush that stuff on while the bottle is heating, it takes about 30 seconds.
  5. Makeup wipes – Wipes will save your life one day. You’ll need them for that quick touch up in the car after you get a strange substance on you from the little one’s science project. Pro tip: baby wipes count.
  6. Comb your hair – Remember how your mom and Aunt always used to Carry a comb in their purse? They were onto something. Hair tends to get out of place and leaves us looking a little disheveled. Break that comb out, get it done and go. No, seriously, go! You’re running late.
  7. Smile – I know you have seen the movie Annie 50 times already, but she was right. You’re never fully dressed without one. Smiling through your existential dread is a feat that only truly splendid girls can pull off. Welcome to the sisterhood.


Just because you feel like a hot mess, that’s no excuse for looking like one. I get it, you are corralling tiny humans all day long, like some Sims game that went terribly, terribly wrong. You probably haven’t slept in days and can’t figure out where that smell is coming from.

Take some time to make yourself look presentable. You don’t need the additional stress. When you are looking in the mirror to make sure the kids aren’t killing each other in the back and catch a peek at yourself, you’ll be grateful you took the time. Promise! These tips for morning beauty will help you look and feel great despite it all.  If you have tips to share, please put them in comments section below, I would love to hear from you!



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