14 Budget Friendly Dates for Valentine’s Day

What are you plans for Valentine’s Day?  Are you thinking that you may just have to stay home because you are on a budget?  Well, you can stay home and do nothing, or you can stay home and have a wonderful night.  Or, you can head out for a date!  Being on a budget does not mean you can’t enjoy this romantic holiday.




So, what can you do?  Well here are 14 budget friendly dates for Valentine’s Day or any day:


  1. Movie night.  Do an online search for a Redbox movie code and rent a movie for free. Cuddle up with your honey and watch a movie that you have been wanting to see together.
  2. Make dinner.  Making dinner together can be quite romantic.  This way both of you are putting effort into your date and spending quality time together at the same time.  I would bet you have something in your freezer or pantry that would make a great dinner too.
  3. Living Room Picnic.  Lay out a picnic blanket in the middle of the living room and munch on picnic foods. 
  4. Go hiking.  Find some local trails to hike, you can do this anytime of day, but I highly suggest early morning or late afternoon so you get some beautiful sunlight views.
  5. Go walking hand in hand.  Hold hands and go for a walk together.  You can do this in your neighborhood or at a local park with walking paths.  The skin to skin contact is great for bonding.
  6. Wine Tasting.  Check Groupon for awesome deals on a wine tasting tour in your area.  I have seen wine tasting for two priced as low as $7 – $25.  You can bring this cost even lower by using promo codes.
  7. Go sledding.  Take yourself back to the fun of being a kid.  Find the nearest sledding hill and head out for a sledding date with the one you love. But you need snow!!! LOL!!!
  8. Host a game night.  Find another couple or two and host a game night.  It may not be a one on one Valentine’s date, but it is a fun and inexpensive way to spend the evening.  Who wants to be typical anyway?
  9. Hit up the nickel arcade.  Another fun date that will take you back to childhood, having a date at the nickel arcade can be a ton of fun and cost you very little.
  10. Visit a second run theater.  Do you have a second run theater in your area?  You know, the kind that plays movies that are no longer in traditional theaters, but not yet available to rent?  It’s usually really inexpensive to get into these theaters (my local one is $3 admission).
  11. Go on a walking tour of your city. Pack a lunch and bring it in a lightweight backpack or stop by your city’s best food truck and take a walking tour of your city.  You will get a chance to visit the city from a guest’s perspective.
  12. Use coupons.  Lots of restaurants offer coupons.  Do not be afraid to use them, even if it is Valentine’s day.  The point of Valentine’s day isn’t to break your budget, it is to spend time with your loved one.
  13. Go out for dessert.  Why not fill up on dinner at home and then go out for dessert or drinks?  This will save a lot on your restaurant bill.
  14. Mini Golf.  Take your love out for an exciting game of mini-golf.  It’s fun and it’s cheap!


Do you have any favorite budget friendly date ideas?  I would love to hear any suggestions you may have or if any of suggestions sounds like an ideal Valentine’s Day for you and your boo!



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