How To Have The Courage To Be Yourself

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For some people it is incredibly difficult to be yourself while for others it seems to come naturally. Well, in reality, it doesn’t come naturally for anyone, and everyone has to fight to be themselves at one point or another. But, with dedication, time, and a bit of work you can find the courage to be yourself and live the life you’ve always wanted. I’ve personally struggled in this area; I grew up thinking that I had to be “this or that” to be loved and supported. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I truly began to learn the value of bring myself. Do not get me wrong, I don’t have it perfected. But I have come a long way, and this is what I had to do.


Seek Out What Makes Your Soul Happy

Are you in a job that you love? Is there perhaps a job you would enjoy even more? What about the house you live in, the car you drive, or the people you call friends? Spend some time daydreaming. If money were no object, where would you like to be in life? What would you like to be doing? Maybe the answer to that is an alpaca farm in Montana or maybe the answer is selling everything and becoming a nomad. Work out what it is you want most from life. Write down a list of everything that comes to mind, from your dream job to the dream car, or even what color hair you’d like to have. Seek out the things that make your soul happy.


Analyze Your Fears

Now that you know a little bit more about what makes your soul happy ask yourself, what is holding you back from realizing those things? Is it not having enough money? Or are you worried about what people would say when they see you with your mermaid colored hair? Next to each of the things you previously listed write down what it is that is holding you back from realizing those dreams. These are your fears and self-imposed roadblocks. But don’t just stop there, once you’ve gotten them written down ask yourself more questions. Is money your primary concern? What is holding you back from making more? What is stopping you from starting a side hustle or going back to school? Keep digging until you find the bottom.


Fight Back Your Inner Demons, aka Your Own Worst Enemy

What you may find while you’re digging is that you are your own worst enemy. You’ll find that you have inner demons whispering in your ear saying, “I’m too tired,” “I’ll never make it,” or “you’re making a fool of yourself.” The next step is fighting those demons. Work out solutions to your fears and roadblocks. Remember that the answer might not be an immediate solution. It might be something as simple as getting an hour extra sleep each night. This process might take you years to complete, but don’t let that stop you, the best things in life take work.


Embrace Your True Self

One of the most difficult parts of this whole journey may just be embracing your true self. It can be difficult to acknowledge that you aren’t where you want to be in life and it can be equally difficult to acknowledge the things you do want in life. You will have voices in your head constantly trying to talk you down, but so long as you have an answer for them and you keep going they won’t be able to get a foothold. Keep going until you have built the life you want, don’t let anything stop you, especially yourself.


Do you struggle with being yourself? Being yourself is the best thing that you can do for you and those you love. It is when you are the truest version of yourself when you are perfectly aligned with the things that are most important to you. It is my sincere hope that you find the courage to continue to be yourself and shine your light as you walk through your path of life.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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  1. Being ourselves is so important..you can’t be a sheep and pave the way for yourself.. you have to stand away from others..do things YOU want to do..not what others want you to..

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