Walt Disney Family Museum: A Must See In San Francisco

During my visit to San Francisco for the #Incredibles2Event, we (Disney Bloggers) also visited Walt Disney Family Museum.  I love going to California and thoroughly enjoyed exploring San Fran and the amazingly educational Museum!  One of my favorite quotes is by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  I learned so much about Walt Disney, his family, and his incredible journey of creating the most magical place on earth.


Walt Disney Family Museum

The San Francisco weather was mildly smoggy and chilly with a clean ocean breeze.   As we began our journey to the museum, we made a pit stop at Lucas Films.  Lucas Films is an American film and television production company based in the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco and was acquired by Disney in October of 2012.  We were all so excited to visit the home of Star Wars, as you can see Master Yoda greeted us at the fountains before we entered the building.


Lucas Films visit

That was such a wonderful surprise but I was excited to jump back on the van and head to the Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum

As we pulled up, I recognized it immediately from the photos.  I remember getting off the bus thinking how the temperature must have dropped…but we were closer to the water.  As we were standing in line to enter the Museum, from a distance I could see Alcatraz.


Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

Once inside the Museum I was blown away.  There was so much rich history about the Disney Family, Walt’s journey, and their friends like …

Glen Keane 

Make Believe: The World of Glen Keane exhibit is being featured now through September 3, 2018.  Keane’s dynamic artistic talent brings to life some of the most unforgettable characters of our time, from the imposing Beast and fearless Tarzan, to the daring heroines Ariel, Pocahontas, and Rapunzel.  I was surprised to learn that Keane collaborated with Kobe Bryant and legendary composer John Williams on Dear Basketball and they recently won an Oscar.


Glen Keane exhibit

During the beginning of the tour through the Museum was a beautiful photo of Walt Disney at nine months old. It was the perfect start to such as an inspiring and educational experience.  I read about The Original Disney Farm built by Kepple (Walt’s grandfather) Disney and his sons in 1880 in Ellis, Kansas.  It was fascinating to learn about the entire Disney family. 

I also learned about Walt’s attempt to join the United States Army but was rejected because he was too young.  He later changed his date of birthday and joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver. There was a photo where he had decorated his ambulance with cartoon characters….too cute and crazy passionate!

The Early Years


Walt Disneys Early Years


As I walked though the Museum in awe, I was overwhelmed by Walt’s fearlessness and passion.  From his creation of Mickey Mouse to the introduction of Technicolor featured in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio and others.


Walt Disney color cartoons

I was also intrigued by the creation of Disneyland.  I grew up in California and we visited Disneyland often.  It was one of my favorite places to go with my grandmother.  Disneyland holds some of my fondest memories of she and I.  I miss her terribly.  Walking through the Museum seeing how the brand expanded into an amusement park … Disneyland, my heart and face was smiling so big. 




Walt Leaves Us

My smile was quickly turned upside down as I continued my journey through Walt’s amazing life.  It was clear that his health was taking a turn for the worse.  As I came to the end of the tour, I listened to the 911 calls from family and friends as they shared the news of his death.  It was terribly sad, not only was the world mourning his death … but so was Mickey.


Mickey Mouse crying


Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum was the best part of my last day in San Francisco.  I spent a few minutes asking about the educational opportunities at the Museum.  I learned about the Animation Classes, Workshops, Special Events and Field Trips – so many amazing experiences for kids of all ages.  To find out more about the Museum, upcoming exhibits or class schedules please visit their website. I would also encourage you to follow the Walt Disney Family Museum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Are you going to plan a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum?  It is an amazing place to visit especially if you are a Disney fan.  You should also mark your calendars for Incredibles 2 in theaters everywhere on June 15th.




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