A Few Of My Favorite Types Of Early Education Options

When it comes to finding the right type of early childhood education for your child there are a number of different routes you can take. In fact, the number of options can be somewhat overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to take a look at a few of the best options that are out there.


Forest School Education 

Imagine learning and playing outside in the natural world every day, that’s the basis of forest schools, sometimes called nature schools. The idea started in Denmark and has been slowly spreading around the world with some variations. In some places, the kids stay outside all day every day no matter what the weather is. Others are less severe. These schools are meant to boost confidence, improve physical fitness, reduce stress, and teach about nature and the environment.


Preschool Prep Education

Preschool Prep is a series of award-winning DVDs and books that allow kids across America to get a Head Start education from home. Kids are taught letters, numbers, shapes, and colors before they go on to learning to read. Testimonials on the site suggest that by age 2 kids who use the program already know the alphabet and in some cases can already read. This is just one of many different homeschooling options that are available right now.


Parent Co-Ops Education

Cooperative preschools are those that get the parents involved in the learning process. Both parents and children are in the classroom together. Parents also serve as the school’s board of directors. Because the is a very hands-on experience for the adults as well as the children it isn’t as popular as other options that exist.


Learning Through Play Education

There are a lot of different schools with a lot of different names that follow the philosophy of learning through play. They tend to lean heavily on encouraging creativity and the use of your imagination. There are in fact a lot of high profile, well-known schools that follow this philosophy like…


HighScope Education

In HighScope schools, kids learn through hands-on experiences and is designed around an approach called active participatory learning. Adults working in HighScope schools see themselves as facilitators rather than teachers.


Montessori Education

Montessori are by far one of the best known early childhood education opens out there. The goal of the school is to develop a child’s senses, character, life skills, and academic ability. They do this with creativity and hands-on learning with some gentle guidance provided by the teachers who have had to go through a special Montessori certification program.


Reggio Emilia Education

Many schools in the United States follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy that encourages exploration and focuses on self-expression as well as the importance of community. It’s a child-led program where students are learning through art as well as other activities that reflect their interests.


Bank Street Education

Bank Street is another approach that is similar to learning through play systems. These schools teach through hands-on activities like building blocks, clay, and acting. Through these and other tools, children learn about the world around them.


You see, there are so many options when it come to Early Childhood Education.  You don’t have to adopt just one way of educating your kiddos.  However, I encourage you to look into an early education option if you have not.  Kids learn most between 0-5 years old.  As parents, we are their first teachers.  Let me know if one of these educational options works for you.  If you have other ideas, please share.



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