Black Panther Movie And Family Game Night

Wakanda Forever!  Every time I hear this proclamation, it carries power.  I have seen Black Panther six times and the sixth was just as exciting as the first.  I feel blessed to say I was able to witness history. 


I was invited to experience the purple carpet premier in LA at the Dolby Theatre.  To walk the carpet was nerve racking and exciting at the same time.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  As I entered the door of the Dolby Theatre, all of my worries and concern began fading away. I just enjoyed the next few hours of magic at the WORLD PREMIERE OF BLACK PANTHER.  Those memories came back as I enjoyed the new DVD with my favorite two guys.




I was so impressed with Ryan Coogler during our cast interviews. When told that he created something special and asked, what he thought about the audience response at the premiere. Ryan said, “Oh, man, I felt – I just felt incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to make the film this way, to make the film with this studio.  Working with Kevin and his team – Victoria Alonso, Louis D’Esposito, and Nate Moore, is an incredible opportunity.”  To share the experiences of the Black Panther made me feel blessed.  This was a journey full of preparation and education but the reward was worth every minute.  Yes, I am blessed.



T’Challa’s mother, Ramonda also serves as his advisor. She’s still committed to making his journey through life peaceful, like moms around the world. His sister, Shuri is like any other sister, she’s smart, supportive, and has dedicated her life to supporting her brother and his position.

The love and support of T’Challa’s family helped me frame my answer to Chance’s questions.  I want him to know that I appreciate my family and I am inspired more than ever to be more supportive of them.  It’s true, I grew up in a very loving but dysfunctional environment.  As a kid my grandmother shared the parenting role with my mother.  As I grew older, things became even more complicated.  When things didn’t work out with me living with my dad and stepmom, I lived with extended family and eventually strangers that became family.  A lot has happened from then until now, but after watching this film I am more committed to doing my part to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, niece, and cousin I can be.  I want to ensure that I teach Chance the importance of family.  Family time was right on time as we enjoyed this family pack together.



It’s not easy being a mom – teaching your children while you too are learning to grow and be better.  Helping Chance to value family, choose the right friends, and face to his foes head on is not always easy…especially for me.  After attending the world premiere, experiencing the movie multiple times with my family, my appreciation of BLACK PANTHER has grown beyond the portrayal of a black superhero that my son could look up too and see himself as, to a film that would impact how he lived his life as a black boy and eventually man.  Grab your copy of the Blur-ray DVD Set.







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