The Many Powers of Jack-Jack!! #Incredibles2Event

What an INCREDIBLE Father’s Day weekend!  Yes, INCREDIBLES 2 opened this past weekend and it was a huge hit and so was Jack-Jack and all his amazing powers!  During our visit to Pixar Animation Studios we had an opportunity to see the ”You…Have…Powers!!” presentation where we found out more about Jack-Jack’s powers and the challenges that came along with them from the Effects team Supervising Animator Tony Fucile, Effects Supervisor Bill Watral and Effects Artist Jason Johnston.


Photo Credit: Disney Pixar

One of my favorite parts of the “You…Have…Powers!!” presentations was the creation of Jack-Jack.  Supervising Animator Tony Fucile gave an INCREDIBLE insight on Jack-Jack’s animation.


Photo Credit: Disney Pixar

While we sat in the theater listening to animators talk about how they turned Jack-Jack into a fireball.  It was a fascinating process, it was something like four layers of Jack-Jack to make it a perfect image.


INCREDIBLES 2 – (Pictured) Jack-Jack. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

I love that Jack-Jack had so many powers.  He had laser vision, he could teleport, burst into flames, multiply (a mother’s dream right), disappear, turn into a raging mad demon, and so many more. 


MAD ABOUT E – When Jack-Jack’s many powers are revealed to his family—finally—in “Incredibles 2,” Bob finds himself turning to Edna for help. ©2018 Disney•Pixar.

It’s like the many talents that our children possess.  Often, we limit our children to one thing in hopes that they will be great and make a career out of it.  But like Jack-Jack our children have many talents (powers in Jack-Jacks case).   


How do you encourage your child’s gifts and talents?  If you have not seen INCREDIBLES 2 yet, please check it out and be sure to share your thoughts….I’d love to hear from you.



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