Ways To Raise Grateful Kids

It can be really difficult to raise grateful kids in today’s consumeristic society. That isn’t to say that it is impossible though and it is never too late to get started. Here are a few tips on how you can raise grateful children.


Share Why You’re Grateful Daily

Make a habit of sharing something you’re grateful for every day. It doesn’t always have to involve your kids but it should be something they can understand and have a connection to. Once you’ve shared what you’re grateful for ask them what they’re grateful for that day. This sharing time can come during dinner time when everyone is at the table or at bedtime when the kids are getting tucked in.



Involve Them in Your Housework

All too often kids don’t consider all the work that goes into keeping the house clean, taking care of a pet, or even making dinner. One way to help them understand all the work that goes into running a house is getting them involved in the process. If you notice your kids aren’t appreciating the dinners you’re making have them get involved with cooking. When they experience the work that goes into making dinner they’ll better appreciate them.


Teach Them the Value of Money

While you’re giving your kids chores and tasks around the house this is a great time to teach them about money. Rather than buying them the expensive toy or device that they want offer to split the cost of it with them. Then pay them for doing their chores. Teach them that getting money requires time to be spent doing things you might not want to be doing. Also, explain to them that this is what working is like. If they’re older you might even consider telling them how much you get paid per hour. Then explain how long you have to work to get that new iPhone they’re begging you for.



Make a Gratitude Jar

Make a gratitude jar where you write down something you are grateful for and put it in the jar. Announce out loud when you’re doing it and encourage your children to write down when they’re feeling gratitude as well. When the jar is full, or at the end of the week or the end of the month open the jar and read them out loud to the whole family.


Be Grateful, Say Thank You

Lead by example and say thank you often. Say it to the cashier at the grocery store and the bus driver when you’re getting off the bus. But especially say it to your children. Not only say thank you to your kids but explain to them why they’re being thanked. Then remind them that they should say thank you too.



Give More Experiences and Less Stuff

When kids have a lot of toys and stuff they’re less likely to appreciate the new things they’re given. They’re also less likely to continue to appreciate the things they already had. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever buy your children new toys, I’m suggesting you buy fewer of them and replace them with experiences they’d be interested in like a trip to a petting zoo or movie tickets. This way they’ll continue to love what they have and they’ll have a fantastic new experience. 

How do you raise grateful kids? What are some things you do to ensure that you help your kids understand the importance of being grateful? Please share, I would love to hear from you.




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  1. Wow! That was such a nice post. I totally agree about involving them in the household work and to teach the value of money. In fact, I try that all the time. But this gratitude jar idea is so new and intriguing to me. I will definitely start this practice at my home! All thanks to you <3

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